Over the years I have become an avid user of Yelp. Why you ask? Because Yelp gives me a snapshot of the restaurants, events or services through the eyes of consumers.  If I’m in a new city, country or even my hometown Ballard, Yelp is my go to resource for finding the best of the best and almost guarantees a memorable experience.

After having a horrifying experience last weekend at a hotel in Hilo, Hawai’i that my aunt had booked (she should have used Yelp), I introduced her to the site. She now says she will always Yelp prior to making any hotel reservations in the future. Sorry Naniloa Resort, you have been yelped and it doesn’t look good.

Top 5 Reasons to Yelp

  1. Transparency- Allows recent customers to share their experience, good or bad with others and hold merchants accountable for their service and products. The availability of information allows consumers to make informed decisions and seek out highly rated merchants. Transparency creates an incentive for below average merchants to improve their products and services (which is my next reason).
  2. Better Products/Services- Increased transparency leads to higher quality products and services. Companies don’t want to establish a bad reputation that the entire world can see.
  3. Meet new people- Yelping is social. Read other reviews, become a fan of fellow yelpers and get to know people who share the same tastes.  Get out of your house and into the world! You are bound to meet interesting and passionate people.
  4. Tell your story- Writing reviews on Yelp and becoming an elite member allows users to create almost a diary or timeline of the restaurants, hotels and cities they have traveled too. Give it a try, sign up on Yelp and watch your reviews grow. Take a look back on your review history and let the memories roll.
  5. Explore new neighborhoods, cities and let your adventurista side out- Yelp allows users to explore new places. From speakeasy bars to the best Tom Yum a city can offer, the site lets people expand their horizons, create new experiences and lasting memories.

So what are you waiting for?

Get Yelping!