We want our lives to be sustainable, but sometimes the incentives are just not there. Incorporating sustainable living into your life is easier than you think. Here are some simple ways to utilize technology, save time and money.

1. Subscribe to On-line Newspapers, Magazines and Newsletters

Instead of receiving daily newspapers or monthly magazines, go on-line instead. Websites contain the same information as the publication, but doing so will save paper. Check out on-line editions of the New York Times, Seattle Times or Seattle Magazine.

2. Receive E-Statements

Switch utility bills, credit card bills and bank statements to E-Statements. You will receive your statement on time and will reduce the chance of it getting lost. Also, instead of writing a check, spending postage and time, pay your bills with an E-Check.

3. Use Email

By using email, you can save paper, money and time. Next time you think about sending a letter through the mail, choose email and save postage and paper in the process. Also join no junk mail lists to cut down on unwanted advertisements.

4. Say Hello with E-Cards

For the next birthday, holiday or important event, send an E-card instead. Americans send 7 billion cards per year. Producing a ton of virgin paper requires 20 trees. There are also many E-card companies that offer free cards. Save trees and send an E-card. Planning a party or event? Send invitations via Evite.com.

5. Stop Clipping Coupons

Sign up for E-coupons and check out your local weekly store ads on-line. This will allow you to research the weekly sales and organize shopping trips. Combining multiple shopping trips into just one will reduce your dependence on gasoline.