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Bright Future in Kanji

Are you currently unemployed or recently graduated from college but have not found a job yet? Then this post is for you! For those of us (including myself) who are just starting a career, this is the first time in our lives that we have no obligations. Hence, no more school or classes to attend. We are completely free to make our own decisions about what we do every day. This situation may be overwhelming, frustrating or exhilarating to you. This blog post will help you think about your unemployment economically and enable you to make informed decisions. Here are some key points to keep in mind while you are looking for your next job, changing careers or just enjoying the time between college life and entering the adult world of full-time employment.

First of all, time is scarce. Use your time, a scarce resource in the most productive and effective way. Spend your time in a way that either gives you the most satisfaction or minimizes the costs of the chosen action. Whether you get the most satisfaction from writing a blog post (like myself), reading a book, applying for jobs or catching up with friends, keep in mind that there are only 24 hours in each day. Use them wisely.

Tradeoffs. Every decision you make to choose an action involves an opportunity cost. Every time you choose to take action and make a decision, you are giving up the opportunity to do something else. Keep tradeoffs in mind when you make important decisions about the choices you make. For example, every time you apply for a mediocre job that you don’t exactly like, you are giving up the opportunity to search for another job. Be smart about the jobs you apply for and the ones that you let go.

Maximize satisfaction and net benefits. Each person has a difference preferences for the types of careers or jobs they want to pursue. If you don’t know what career path to pursue, take some time and do your research.   Choose the career path that gives you the highest amount of satisfaction; maximize net utility. If you choose the career that maximizes your overall utility and gives you the highest net benefits, 30 years from now you will be thankful you made that choice.

Invest in yourself. Every day take the time to do something that makes you happy. Ultimately if you invest in yourself it will pay off. You will be inspired and will make a good impression during the next job interview and land the job. During your career if you invest in yourself, you will increase productivity, happiness and overall be a valuable employee.

Below are a few ideas to invest in yourself:

Read a book.

Start a blog


Find a new hobby or redevelop your love for a past hobby

Comments and discussion are welcome!


My Life After College

I graduated from Western Washington University about a month ago with a degree in Economics and Environmental Studies. During my last quarter at college I completed a capstone project that really gave me the experience and confidence to head out into the real world after college. Graduation came and went without me even realizing that I had just been pushed out into the “real world” and that I had no idea what I wanted to do.

School meant everything to me. Looking back to even Kinder garden, I always loved school and since then I excelled at it. I probably liked it because I was good at it and vise versa.  I have been in school for my whole life if you count preschool. So I find myself asking the question, “Well Amne, now what are you going to excel at? How can you move past school and actually apply what you have learned all these years?”

After graduation came the big move where I packed up and moved everything that I had collected during my adulthood back into my parents house in Seattle. Yes, my parents house. The same house that I had lived in my whole life, the one I was thrilled to leave behind when I went to college and was an added perk in choosing a college exactly 84 miles away from home. Bellingham was far enough away that I had my own city to explore and just close enough that if I got homesick, was just a short hour and fifteen minute drive. So I wasn’t thrilled about moving back home but a week after the move my family, boyfriend and I left for five days, four nights in Cabo San Lucas. This was the first family trip we have been on in 10 years, but more on this later in another post. We celebrated my 23rd birthday in Mexico which made getting another year older more bearable and two days later we were back in rain in Seattle. Christmas was not the same since my parents did not really decorate their house, no Christmas tree or lights. We actually didn’t even open presents because my mom had decided earlier that Mexico was our Christmas present, and my graduation present, and my birthday present. So this Christmas was unlike any other I had ever had, I guess this is what growing up feels like.

Basically, its been one month and eight days since I graduated and so far I have no job and have no idea what career path to take. This is where this blog fits into the story. I’ve always wanted a blog, but never got around to it because I could never really find the time between working, school and a social life. So now is my chance to finally get to do this. I have no excuses and need to write some ideas and brainstorming down. I hope that this blog will help inspire me and allow me to discover my career path.