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This piece of travel clothing and company {r}evolution apparel has become my new obsession and inspiration since I discovered them last December. These two incredible women (who I adore and admire) have created a multi-functional piece and fashion company that represents sustainability, environmentalism, human equality and chic style all wrapped into one. Wow. Sounds amazing right? Pre-order yours or visit their new online store mid-April. Here’s their debut piece, but there will be a maxi dress to accompany and looking forward to an entire 10 piece collection in the future promising 100 ways to wear. Keep up the amazing work girls!

AND HOW WE IMPACT THE WORLD” – {r}evolution apparel

“We’re just two people who want to live with purpose, passion, and adventure. And make the world a little bit better along the way.” – KRISTIN & SHANNON


Two weeks ago, I jumped on a plane and flew far, far away from rainy and gray Seattle weather. For me, this was a special trip. One full of old memories and new ones. I stayed with my aunt and uncle at their beautiful house I had not seen since I was 12. We visited my favorite spot on the island, Kiholo beach and brought back some of my best and most vivid childhood memories.

During my trip I realized that I might know myself better now than when I was 12, but I am still the same exact person. I have always pushed myself and never settled for average. My interests and taste in food might be different, but I have the same passion and drive for life.

The journey is just beginning, but I will always remember to enjoy now.

Below is a list of must-see activities and destinations on the Big Island.

Have fun exploring!

Kuhio Bay at Four Seasons Resort

Top Big Island Destinations

  • Alii Drive Kailua

  • Hilo Farmer’s Market

  • Kiholo and lagoon

  • Waimea Valley

  • Hawi

  • Volcano National Park

  • Lava Tube

  • Kuhio Bay

  • Akaka Falls

    Magic Sands Beach

    Volcano National Park

    Akaka Falls